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Nurturey- Tools for Parents

What we do not like
• The user interface has a functional, no-frills feel; some bells and whistles in terms of appearance would have increased the emotional appeal of the website.
• Other than the Calendar and Timeline, there is not much for parents of children above 10 years.
Last word
If your children are older than 10 years Nurturey offers a nice place to record and preserve memories of your children’s past accomplishments with snapshots of defining moments of their childhood – provided
you muster the enthusiasm to dig out those documents and photos from long ago!
If you have a child less than 10 years old – you will find that Nurturey does help you to be ‘effective and efficient’ while also ensuring that you preserve your child’s growing years painlessly. So go ahead and
register now.

-Ramya G

Users’ Voices
“Nurturey is a unique website that meets all requirements for today’s parent. I found the calendar tool most useful. My child’s grandparents are part of our Nurturey ‘family’ and they are kept in the loop about his school functions and events, automatically.”
Anshul Gupta, father of a three-yearoldboy, Gurgaon

“Earlier, I had a ‘baby book’ to record my child’s first smile or word, Google drive for her photos, a chart for her immunisations, now I have all of this in one place, in Nuruturey.com. It is very handy.”
Dr. Sumi Gupta, mother of an eightmonth- old, Haridwar “As a working mother, time management
is a big challenge. Nurturey’s Calendar, Immunisation schedules are tools that help me keep track of things. I particularly like the Timeline, which is like a mini Facebook home page for my child – a private one which only his parents and grandparents can access!”
Ayushi Agarwal, mother of a two year-old, Bangalore

“Nurturey opens up a parent’s eyes to small developmental details that you otherwise overlook, for e.g. ‘is able to skip’, ‘says name and address’. It is a great place to preserve priceless pictures
(like first birthday, first speech at school) and documents (first report card, first certificate).”
Suhas, father of a ten-year-old-boy,New Delhi

“My sister included me in her ‘family’ on  Nurturey! As an uncle, it is nice to see the children’s milestones, as and when they happen.”
Abhinav Jain, uncle of a three-year old and five-month-old, Mumbai

“Nurturey is quite different from other sites that I tried. The calendar tool helps me keep track of when my kid’s school fees are due, when the PTM is, various classes are.”
Rahul Mehta, father of a three-year old, Pune



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