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Dealing with Allergies

Complete environmental control is often difficult to accomplish, and medical interventions may become necessary. Avoidance of allergens is relatively easier for people with food allergies when compared to those with pollen or air-borne allergies. Your paediatrician or general physician will be able to prescribe the appropriate medicines for your child, depending on his condition. Here are some simple home remedies that can also work wonders:

  • If your child suffers from eczema, avoid drying out his skin. You can replace soap with atta or bread soaked in milk. You can also use medicated soaps or cleansing gels like Cetaphil instead. Coconut, olive or almond oil can be applied after a bath to moisturise the body. Apply green clay, aloe vera gel, chamomile cream, calendula lotion, or cucumber puree on the affected areas for relief.
  • For swollen or red eyes, cotton soaked in rose water or castor oil can help. Cucumber slices on the eyelids is another remedy you can try • For a congested or runny nose, drop a few leaves of mint, tulsi or ajvain in boiling water and ask your child to inhale the steam. Cabbage-leaf steaming is also highly recommended.
  • For a wheezing cough, warm tulsi water and honey. Another great soother is warm milk with turmeric, honey and a pinch of pepper, if you can convince your child to drink this!

Last but not the least, encourage yoga and exercise. Pranayama (yogic breathing exercises) is very effective in clearing nasal congestions and throat iritations. It also helps in maintaining the child’s vigour and energy levels, which allergies tend to sap. Exercise is especially beneficial in battling allergies that cause breathing difficulties. Your child can strengthen his lung power and breathing capacity by swimming and biking and this can help to mitigate the effects of asthma and wheezing.


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