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Facts on Fat

Tips to remember!

  • The amount of fat is important, but so is the type.
  • All fats are not bad; good fats such as MUFA and PUFA help the body maintain healthy cholesterol levels.
  • What you see is not the only fat in your diet – account for invisible fat as well.
  • Pay attention to the type of fat you give children – make simple changes like switching from butter to peanut butter, adding walnuts to their cereals etc.
  • Stay away from a low fat diet with calories mainly from refined carbohydrates, which add to the glucose load and get converted to fat in the body.
  • Know the fatty acid profile of oils – it is easy to switch to a healthier oil and you will be doing a favour to both the young and old hearts at home!
  • Use a combination of oils, for example groundnut with Canola, rice bran or sesame with soyabean.
  • Read the nutrition labels of packaged foods you buy to check the fat amounts and type (See An Apple a Day in ParentEdge Issue 9 (November-December 2012)).
  • Include plenty of whole grain, fruits and vegetables in your child’s diet and encourage active play!


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