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The Importance of Eating Chocolate | ParentEdge


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The Importance Of Eating Chocolate

Imp of chocolate 4

STOP! Before you start doing a happy dance at the prospect of being told that eating five bars of Snickers a day is good for you, read this. What we are talking about isn’t the milky, sugary stuff usually available. It’s dark chocolate. Good. You’re still here, and haven’t run away at the mention of dark chocolate!

Dark chocolate is severely underrated –it isn’t the awful, bitter substance some
imagine it to be. It can be very delicious, if you spend a little effort searching for the right kind. Chocolate has suffered a history of accusations – it causes cavities, has high caffeine content, and causes acne. It’s time for chocolate to be given a chance to defend itself.

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Accusation 1: Chocolate causes cavities
DEFENCE: Ironically enough, cacao (the main ingredient in chocolate) contains antibacterial agents that actually fight tooth decay. However, readily available chocolate contains so much sugar that it counteracts the effect of the cacao. Dark chocolate doesn’t have this problem.

Accusation 2: Chocolate causes acne

DEFENCE: Most scientists believe that acne is unrelated to the food you  consume and is caused by other factors, such as hygiene and genetics. Studies have not been able to find a conclusive link between food consumption and  acne.

Accusation 3: Chocolate has too much caffeine

DEFENCE: Not true. An average bar of  chocolate has less than half the caffeine you find in a cola and less than a third of the caffeine you find in a cup of coffee. Studies have suggested that having some (but less than 200 mg of) caffeine a day could be good for you. Chocolate in small quantities can actually help you calm down by increasing theta waves in the brain. Theta waves help you relax, concentrate better and improve your memory.

 Accusation 4: Chocolate is full of carbohydrates

DEFENCE: While dark chocolate has less  sugar than milk chocolate, there’s no denying that it still has sugar. But the sugar content is considerably low; lower than most fruit juices (with no added sugar). As long as you don’t go overboard, a piece of dark chocolate for dessert won’t  do you much harm.

Imp of chocolate 3

“Fine,” you say. “Chocolate isn’t that bad. But that doesn’t mean it’s good for me.”

Here’s all the data you need to prove otherwise.

Chocolate is chockfull of antioxidants – better than green tea, red wine and berries.Diets naturally rich in antioxidants are said to help strengthen the immune system and prevent cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Plus, there’s the little matter of the anti – ageing properties that antioxidants have!

Blood Pressure:
Studies have proven a direct link between dark chocolate and lower blood  pressure. However, the same cannot be said for milk or white chocolate, so watch what you eat! Dark chocolate promises to be the perfect dessert – it’s delicious and it’s still good for you. How many other foods can stake a claim to that?


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