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ParentEdge Expert Authors

ParentEdge Expert Authors

Columnist: Wanitha Ashok

Feature: Fitness Funda

Wanitha Ashok is a Bangalore-based Body Transformation Expert. Besides working on her clients’ fitness, she also writes fitness columns for various publications and is a fitness show presenter on both TV and radio. Wanitha has authored a book on fitness as well, “U                                        Have an Excuse I have an Exercise”.

AparnaColumnist: Aparna Samuel Balasundaram

Feature: Everyday Parenting

Aparna Samuel Balasundaram is a Psychotherapist and Parent and Child Expert with 10 years of experience in the USA. She is the Founder of www.LifeSkillsExperts.com and www.AFlourishing.Me. They help you raise happy and confident kids, offer parent coaching and life skills and teacher training workshops for schools.

Columnist: Viral Doshi

Feature: College Education Abroad

Viral Doshi is Founder of Viral Doshi Associates, an independent international education and career guidance boutique with offices in Mumbai, Dubai, London and Singapore. Viral has mentored students and families for the last two decades.

Columnist: Dr. Ali Khwaja

Feature: The High School Years

Dr. Ali Khwaja is the Founder of Banjara Academy, a unique institution committed to improving the quality of life. He writes books and columns, and is regularly invited to conduct workshops and lectures for prestigious national institutions, schools, and colleges.

Columnist: Deepa Kumar

Feature: Cover Story

Deepa Kumar is an entrepreneur who finds women across all socio-economic and global backgrounds her inspiration. Deepa’s brands, products, innovations and inventions are all a result of her interest in improving quality of life for girls and women. Her company’s social initiative is HowToTellYourChild.com.

Nirmala SankaranColumnist: Dr. Krishna Mahathi

Feature: Wellness

Dr. Krishna Mahathi is a paediatrician with post graduate diplomas in the management of allergies and developmental neurology. She is also training to be an expressive art psychotherapist.

Columnist: Dr. Divya Prasad

Feature: Making Sense of Adolescence

Dr. Divya Prasad is a clinical psychologist and Academic Director of “Expressions India”, a Comprehensive Life Skills Education and School Mental Health Program.

JaishriColumnist: Jaishri Ramakrishnan

Feature: Parenting Quotient

Jaishri Ramakrishnan is a consultant psychologist with over three decades of experience. She has conducted several seminars, workshops and training programmes on parenting, handling children with special needs and stress management.

MeeraColumnist: Sridhar Ramanathan

Feature: Top Tips

Sridhar Ramanathan is the founder of IDEAS-RS where he is also a strategic innovation coach. Sridhar draws on his work experience in coaching adults in creative problem solving, innovation and communication, and his life experience as a parent and grand                                        parent, in authoring articles and blogs for ParentEdge.

Columnist: Meena Sivaraman

Feature: Young Parents’ Corner

Meena Sivaraman is an early childhood development specialist. She runs Bright Vistas, a chain of corporate day care centres. With rich experience in the holistic enrichment of children’s intellect during their formative years, Meena is a firm believer in involved,
hands-on parenting.

MeeraColumnist: Meera Srinivasan

Feature: Practical Nutrition

Meera Srinivasan is a food technologist and nutritionist with over 19 years of experience in the food industry. She is the Nutrition and Health expertise leader at Thinking Forks, a consulting firm which works with small to large players in the food industry to bring food and nutrition ideas to life. As an involved parent of a teenaged daughter, she is passionate about increasing awareness on nutrition and health among children and parents.