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Parenting and Work Balance

This is a guest post contributed by Laura Benson of DWP, UK. The DWP is responsible for keeping track of welfare and pension policy. Recently, it has been a key player in making sure that all children grow up in a loving, safe and comfortable environment.

Here are ten tips to help manage and attend to all your tasks and responsibilities without losing it.

  • Create a list: This doesn’t have to be actually written down on paper, although that would be quite handy. Make a mental note of your priorities both for your work and for your kids on a daily basis in order to maximize your time and energy. Do not set unrealistic goals. Accomplish only what you can realistically do in a day. Also, it is okay to ask for help when you need it.
  • Set limits: You are only human. Make boundaries when it comes to your work load. You can only do so much. If you keep cramming in more work than you can handle, it will be virtually impossible for you to find any time for your kids, let alone time for yourself.
  • Do the duet: Remember that even though you are the mother, your partner is also a parent to your children. Share the tasks that have to be done at home – chores, feeding the baby, changing the diapers, making the bed, and all that follows.
  • Lay out the blueprint: Planning is the key to organized family time. Before any trips or bonding activities, it would not hurt to plan ahead. You can schedule what meals will be prepared for what day, what activities to do during which party, and so on. This will keep you sane and save you time as well.
  • Set realistic expectations: While all these tips are effective and helpful, you have to expect that every now and then something will go wrong. Your cooking may not be five-star taste-wise every dinner and the couch won’t be spot-on neat every minute, but you’ll manage. It’s all part of growing up – for your kids and yourself.
  • Adjust and adapt: Sometimes you have to make a few sacrifices on the side. If your employer or boss would permit it, you can explore more flexible work options to save you time on commuting, you can work longer hours on some days to go home earlier on other days, or you can request for shorter lunch breaks.
  • It’s all about routine: Be consistent with your schedule. Time is of the essence. Making your kids learn this value will surely save you lots of time and keep you punctual at work.
  • Save up some alone time: This maybe one of the most difficult points in this list to follow. However, as often as you can and whenever you can, spend some time on your own. Read a book. Get your nails done. Go to the salon. Get a massage, basically, whatever keeps your motor running is okay.
  • Bond: Family time is just as important as alone time. Be sure that you spend quality hours with your partner and kids. Remember that they are the reason why you are doing all of this.
  • Reserve a savior: You never know when the worst can come. Be sure that there is that one person you can depend on when you need the help – this can be your mom, friend, neighbor, or whoever you trust with your life.


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