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Parenting Tips to Inherit from Your Mother

It may also save you from embarrassment when your kid throws tantrums in public. However, you’ll also have to mould these tips according to your kid’s distinct behaviour patterns to get it right.

Teaching Good Behaviour and Values

It’s said, “There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One is roots, the other wings.” This saying shows the path parents should take in bringing up their kids. Teaching good behaviour and imparting right values is one of the most important parts of parenting. But many a time, kids dislike doing or behaving as they’re told to. But you know that it’s important because it helps lay a child’s foundation for life.

So, instead of verbal instructions, do it through your actions and behaviour when around them. Kids pick up habits more through observance, which then take shape as behaviour and values. So, your mom may share anecdotes of how she integrated certain values in your life. Whether it’s about treating the domestic help with respect or making your bed in the morning, she will offer many every day tips. It will make it easy for you and you’ll enjoy parenting.

Managing Siblings

Having more than one child to attend to means you’re in for both, fun and challenges. While you will feel elated seeing your children playfully trouble one another, when those fights get nasty, you will have a hard time. From taking sides to giving judgement, you’ll have to be careful that you upset neither of them.

And the tougher part is to address those feelings of jealousy or that of being sidelined that may arise in either of your kids. Ask your mom how to address such issues in your kids. Just like she sometimes did the balancing act, resorted to ‘alone time’ with each of the kids, she may offer you one of her great tips.

Learn Not to Panic

We know when it comes to your kid’s safety and well-being, you get panicky. But remember, it may do more harm than any good. Especially with your first child, seek your mom’s help in tackling issues that may catch you off guard. While her tips may not entirely solve the problem, they most certainly will calm you down.

With all her experience, she can help you with her tried and tested tips. So, along with your trusted paediatric, keep your mom in the loop always. Moreover, gradually, with your own share of experiences, you’ll also learn how to deal with many kinds of situations calmly.


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