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Parents, are you pushing your child towards early adulthood?

Is an affluent society insidious to childhood? I don’t want to be responsible for conditioning my moppet to wait for grand gestures to believe she is loved. Kids don’t need streamers, themes, beauty products and luxurious treatment. Childhood is getting dirty in sand and mud, bruising your knees and elbows and basking in a creamy chocolaty cake.

My friend repeatedly dresses her daughter in shorts and halter neck tops and a attires that she cannot possibly wear due to her jelly belly figure. And a recent trend; children as young as tadpoles are repeatedly dragged to a talent agency for auditions (sheer exploitation!). It shocks me to know that innocence hardly has much of a chance to take a first breath out the womb. Are we passing on our desires to our children? Are we living a second life proxy satisfying through our children?

Parents are enthralled by the booming trends. Spas for little girls, make-up tutorials for kids, padded bras and thongs for girls as young as 7 years of age and modelling for the thumb suckers. However, pushing our children toward early adulthood is sheer objectification that eradicates the presence of intellectual values of being smart, brave, precocious, funny, silly, generous, spunky, intelligent, kind and thoughtful.

Are we waiting for a law to discern between right and wrong of parenting? It’s our children’s life and not wWall Street. Let’s not pollute the spiritual hearts with the materialistic pleasures and tailor the little lives based on our dreams and desires. There will be a time for everything and when the time comes you will wish for her to be your little girl again. While old goats are trying to fit in kid’s clothing we don’t want our 3 year lambs rushing on to 30. Let’s not accelerate to obsolete the springtime of their life. Kids are already beautiful. They don’t need anything except our love. Besides, if you give them all now, what do they have to look forward to?


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Singapore-based Bijal Shah is the mother of a 5-year-old daughter. She is pursuing a course in Journalism from the British College. Being a SAHM, the question that she dreads the most is "What do you do?". It's only five years of motherhood that she realises how trivial this question is, and she has a prepared answer for it!

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