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Patterns with Rubik's Cube | ParentEdge


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Patterns with Rubik’s Cube

maxresdefaultJohn Dewey, a 19th century philosopher, psychologist, and educational reformer said, “If we teach today as we were taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow”. We must keep children updated with new skills and ways to master their minds. It is no secret that learning something new helps promote a healthy and happy mind. Each time your child learns a new skill, parts of his or her brain get ‘rewired’. Most of the time, we allow our thinking to fall into patterns. For example, we know a certain route to get to a destination and more often than not we follow the same route rather than look for a new way. While following some set patterns is inevitable in everyday life, we have to take measures so our children stay on the path of learning, thereby creating opportunities for ‘rewiring’ of the brain. Rubik’s cube is a perfect way to do this.

Working with a Rubik’s cube also gives the following benefits:

  • Improves eye hand coordination.
  • Develops sharp mental reflexes.
  • Helps in strengthening cognitive skills.
  • Improves coordination between right and left hand which could activate both the logical and creative parts of the brain.
  • Develops concentration, patience, determination, and persistence.
  • Increases short term memory and learning capacity.

Any one from four to sixty years of age can learn to work with the Rubik’s cube. Here is one formation you can try out with your child.


  1. Start with a solved Rubik’s cube (a single colour on each side)
  2. Begin by holding cube in such a way that the green side faces you. Turn the right face of the cube two clicks forward (away from you). Three green squares should end up on the opposite side of the cube. Then, still facing the green side, turn the left face of the cube and turn it two clicks forward as well.
  3. Make sure the green vertical line is facing you. Now, rotate the entire top layer of the cube (‘up’ face of the cube) two times (clockwise) (two clicks). Turn the bottom layer of the cube (‘down’ face of the cube) two times as well (clockwise, two clicks).
  4. Make your final spins. With the green center block still facing you, turn the back face of your cube by 180 degrees (two clicks), as if you are turning a dial. Turn the front face of your cube (the side facing you) by 180 degrees as well. You have now created a checkerboard on all sides of your cube!

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