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maxresdefaultPlayAblo is an educational app for  children in Grades One to Five. The app
has interactive quizzes to make learning
engaging and fun.

PlayAblo’s claims examined

‘Learning through gamification’
PlayAblo does have game-like features
such as bonus points and levels to conquer.There are badges, medals and crowns to be won, all adding to the gaming experience.


‘Makes effective learning engaging and fun!’
When compared to worksheets, the app does make practice more interesting.

‘Focused feedback for focused learning’
Since the app gives specific feedback on learning areas such as recall, concept clarity, analysis and synthesis, it does help parents understand the areas that the child needs to improve upon.

What we like

Experts from the fields of education, child psychology, software development and content creation have come together to create this app.
• The questions are carefully arranged in such a way that the child’s progress from Recall and Concept clarity to Analysis and Synthesis can be tracked and studied.
• All quizzes can be reviewed – you can see the questions that your child tripped on and the ones that he aced. This gives deeper understanding of  your child’s learning journey than just scores.
• You can find out how your child has fared when compared to his peers, school mates, other children in the city, country and also children worldwide.
• The app allows the parent to record feedback on a particular quiz. It can be quite motivating for the child to see the parent’s comments!

What could be better

• The questions are mapped to the CBSE curriculum, it will be good if others such as ICSE are included.
• There could be explanations given for the questions that the child answers wrongly, these could be displayed while the quiz is running.


The three month subscription is priced at Rs. 1199, the six-month subscription at Rs. 1999 and the one year subscription at Rs. 3499. We feel that the pricing is rather high.

This app is available for download on Google Play.

Users’ Voices

“My six-and-a-half year old daughter enjoys playing with the app. She feels excited and involved. I can see a sense of achivement on her face when she finishes some levels. The quality of questions is
good; the questions are well aligned with the CBSE curriculum. I like the analytics for the parent – information on how my daughter is doing in different areas within a subject, comparison of her performance with children from her school, our city,country etc. Wider coverage of topics will
keep children involved.”
– Pankaj Singh

“My seven-year-old daughter loves PlayAblo, since the experience is almost like playing a game. We tried the free version first, and then moved on to the paid version. Even though the product is really good, the pricing can be made lower – for some parents, the current pricing may be a deterrent. It will be
great if PlayAblo can also map to the ICSE curriculum. Also, it will be good to have an option to see comparison among a select group of children – for example, peers in the neighbourhood.”
– Rakesh Rajendran


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