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Practise Humility so that Your Child is Humble too!

– Accept that you are doing things for yourself; in other words your achievements are yours. Take pride in them but do not boast about them. Refraining from boasting will not lessen your achievements in any way.
– Not being the best doesn’t reduce the importance of your work; being the best is not everything after all.
– Remember: Just because others are successful, doesn’t mean you are not.

The absence of humility mostly comes from a sense of insecurity that if you are not loud about what you know and can do, others will ignore you. I am not saying that you should not share your knowledge or revel in the recognition that comes your way. But when you not humble and you always displaying your or your kin’s achievements, you come across as needy.

So learn to be humble and see how miraculously you climb more ladders of success.


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Shobhika Jaju is a NET qualified psychologist who would love to be reborn as a shrink every single time. She is the founder of Silver Linings: Guidance & Counselling Centre, in South Goa, & hence is effectively putting her love for psychotherapy & her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology to good use. Shobhika also works at Little’s School, Fatorda (Goa) & writes for several print and online media on a regular basis. She facilitates workshops on topics promoting personal enhancement & spreading mental health awareness. She is affiliated to the American Psychological Association, Bombay Psychological Association, Goa Psychological Association & the Movement for Global Mental Health. Her website can be accessed at silverliningsgoa.com.

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