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Prank Aids

Boring Old Book

This looks like a book, but it isn’t one. It’s actually a container to hide all your private things from nosy people!

Take an empty cereal box, and tape all the flaps together so that it’s nice and secure. Draw a line through the middle of three of the narrow sides, leaving one of the longer sides untouched. Then cut the box open along the line you have drawn so it opens out like a book.

Next, cut out two pieces of cardboard box card to give the “book” extra strength. They need to be just a few centimetres bigger than the front and back sides of your cereal box “book”.

Glue the pieces of cardboard box card onto the front and back. Make sure that one edge of both pieces of the card lines up with the uncut side
of the cereal box so that the other sides of the cardboard box card are larger than the cereal box card edges. Try and make sure the rest of the
cardboard edges are about 1 cm over the edges of the cereal box.

Next, you need three strips of cereal box card – about the same size as the cut sides of the cereal box. Glue them on the inside of the bottom of the cut sides of the cereal box and fold them over the top to make a lip in the middle of the cut sides so that the book stays closed.

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