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Prince of Ayodhya (The Ramayana)

Age Group: 13+ Years

Title – Prince of Ayodhya (The Ramayana)

Author – Ashok Banker

Penguin Books

This book is a roller-coaster, nail-biting ride of princes, asura and demigods. Recreating the classic Ramayana, Ashok K. Banker keeps the reader engaged over seven books (the last one to be published in 2012), until the last page is turned. The reader is sucked into the story of how Rama is entrusted with the huge responsibility of saving Ayodhya. His brother fights beside him, and he is guided by the wisest gurus, but ultimately, Rama must fulfill his destiny, and protect holy Ayodhya from the most powerful of all asuras. He also battles to regain his kidnapped wife, a pawn in the epic battle between good and evil. Banker reinterprets Valmiki’s Ramayana to present a story abounding in imagery, philosophy and devotion. He successfully brings back, from the mists of ancient time, the eternal battle between good and evil, recreating it with the magic of his words, that the world is forever enchanted by the heroic exploits of Rama and his mighty army. The book is an aweinspiring read for people of all ages – a recreation of a story that all of us are familiar with, but still worth revisiting time and again. Banker has successfully introduced a story as old as time to a whole new generation.