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Putting the Edge in ParentEdge

This is a contribution from Mahima Viswanathan, who was the Student Editor for Issue 5 (Mar-Apr 2012) of ParentEdge.

Behind the scenes @ your favourite parenting magazine.

Hi! I’m Mahima, Student Editor of Parent Edge, Issue 5. I’m here to share my experiences working with Parent Edge; the good, the bad…..and the ungrammatical.


1.     Cheese (in the humour) 2.      Spilt beans 3.      Midnight oil 4.      Action 5.      Horror 6.      Romance (ok, not really) 7.      A tall tale to hold the above From this, you either get a spicy nacho dip or the story of my internship at Parent Edge. *disclaimer- the author cannot be held responsible for any consequences connected to the consumption of aforementioned nacho dip


It is a truth, (almost) universally acknowledged, that a smart, slightly obnoxious, vivacious teenager (yours truly) on the cusp of entering Grade 12 must be in want of career options: * le mom*   Marine biologist! *le dad *   Biomedical engineer! *le next door neighbor’s second cousin’s nephew *   Cyber hacker! *le sister *   Rodeo clown!! *le cat *   Meow…. Personally, I agreed with the cat. However, it came to my attention that my writing skills were….interesting, so I decided to consider a career as a journalist. There was something missing, though….. EXPERIENCE. That’s when it happened. ParentEdge!


When I received the news that ParentEdge was looking for a student editor for its next issue, I promptly sent over a couple  my writing samples along with my resume in an introductory email. I was so excited!! I was even more excited when I received a confirmatory reply and phone calls from the Publisher Mrs. Sudha, and the Editor of Issue 5, Mrs. Ramya. “This is the start of something huge,” I thought to myself. “I’m gonna go out there and spark interest and combust imagination and….what was it? Set intellect on fire? Something like that.” Over the next several months, I shocked everyone – friends, family and fan-following alike, by engaging in honest-to goodness hard work. Really, I’ll never look at an article in the same way ever again, now that I know how much research, sourcing, revising and editing goes into every paragraph!

I’ll admit, it did get a little trying at times when that annoying thing they call Grade 12 interferes with your hobbies. At one point, I had to balance an upcoming National-level swim meet with school culturals (prestige-issue interschool competitions) around the corner amidst ongoing Half-yearly exams (Physics and I just don’t get along)…… with my ParentEdge deadlines. Don’t even get me started on Prefect duties.

So my time with Parent Edge came and went; from the end of the summer, through Grade 12, up to the day before the Boards, and I felt that I grew—- as a writer. As a person. As a connoisseur of well-written articles. As a coffee addict (just kidding!). We parted as old friends and still keep in touch – an ice cream outing, the occasional email, an SMS now and then. I always like it when Ramya adds a double-faced smiley———– (: – )—————-to her messages! :)

To be continued…. watch this space for CHAPTER THE THIRD: MEMORABLE MOMENTS


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One thought on “Putting the Edge in ParentEdge

  1. Jaya

    It is good to see young people engaged in working with organizations and being able to contribute to the activities of the organization while enriching themselves in the process. Mahima’s blog holds a lot of promise, I will be looking forward to her account of her experiences in such a context!


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