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Raising Happy Children

Every parent wants his or her child to be happy and healthy. But we don’t always know how to encourage this. In addition to the obvious things such as making sure your child is consuming the right nutrients, staying hydrated, and getting the quantity of sleep and exercise a growing body needs, here are some tips to help your child to be happy.

 Teach your child it’s okay to be bored: Allow your child to develop their creativity with hands-on activities to stimulate their thought at times when they feel bored. A few sheets of paper and a box of crayons can keep a well-rounded child busy for far longer than an episode of Chotta Bheem.

Less technology— more creativity: It is an excellent method to broaden their attention span while grooming their ability to stay calm. Especially during the early years when we as parents must make sure they are learning to live a life independent from the over-exposure that is often too easy to rely on.

Let your child know they are more important than work: by giving them eye contact and attention. Your child doesn’t just need you around, they need you present. Play with your child, interact with them, and find out what is important to them by asking questions and listening to their answers. Letting your child know they are important is like giving them the best energy drink for the day.

Give your child the ownership of simple tasks: You don’t have to make them the boss to let them feel empowered. For an instance, you can ask your child to water her favourite plant every morning, arranging his/her toy tray. This will lead directly to a willingness to follow.

Be the role model: In my opinion, this is the most important item on the list. Children do as they see, not as they’re told. Whether it is the chance to play ball in the park together, watch a beautiful sunset, or pick fresh strawberries, express gratitude and your child will follow your example. Wipe away all the worries, concerns and anxiety when you spend time with your child. There is no one more influential to your child than you.

Raising a happy child is hard work, but it is something that can and must be done.  Once we focus on the needs of our child and ensure we are doing all you can to meet them, our efforts will be rewarded.


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Kalyani Shankar is a mother of twins and works as a German Linguist in an MNC. Amidst the jam packed busy life of a working mother, she looks forward to spending quality time with her kids when back home. Kalyani loves to introduce thought-provoking and fun activities that interest children. As a Balvikas spiritual educator for children, she strives to include ‘Spirituality and its Relevance’ in daily life situations and mentors parents on the same lines.

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