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Ring in the New

A bright new year dawns full of possibilities and hopes. I love the feel of a new year. It seems the disappointments and negativity of the year gone by somehow fade and a dazzling light of newness makes everything seem crisp and fresh. The cold air drives out the lethargy and the caps and booties provide the much needed warmth.

It’s time to throw out the old and ring in the new. New year, a new calendar and of course, new resolutions.

According to the Chinese philosophy of IChing, the surest way to change the world is to start with yourself. If you change any aspect of yourself, the people nearest to you respond to the change. This process radiates out into the society like a wave. So the first thing to change should be you. Choose to change yourself to become a better person, a better spouse and of course, a better parent.

Resolutions are an amazingly wonderful thing. They reflect the person’s willingness to incorporate change in their self. Do choose a New Year resolution this Wednesday morning and stick to it. At least for the first month. Then it will become a habit.

Last year, my daughter decided to learn cooking. This is what she resolved. Perhaps not exactly on New Year’s Day but somewhere along the year.

Now helping your child with something is a very tricky business. As a parent you can help your child to become a better person.

You have to constantly goad them to stay on track as kids have an astonishingly short attention span. On the other hand this has to be done without seeming pushy and overbearing. The realisation that the parent desperately wants them to do something instantaneously dampens their desire to do it. On their own, it is a Resolution. You push it, it becomes a Chore.

So keep at it softly. Velvet gloves sheathing a fist of iron!! Use your ingenuity and diplomacy to the hilt.

We saw cookery shows together (especially Junior Master Chef), I asked her to chop vegetables along with me. I even gave her a cook book on her birthday. I know it was a bit obvious, but it was one of six presents so I could pull it off.

I think we are on the track. Not as fast as I hoped but still there. We have done Maggi and Pasta and tea.


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