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Salt comes cheap, but excess consumption can prove to be costly!

  • It will be good to know how much salt your family consumes – one person is allowed one tsp of salt a day – but remember salt (sodium) is naturally present in foods we eat as well  (milk, rice, wheat, fruits and vegetables, rice) – so for a family of four it will be good to target 2- 3 teaspoons of salt per day in all the cooking you do!
  • Keep track of the salt used in your cooking using a standard teaspoon for couple of days and slowly reduce the salt -pinch by pinch! Studies show that slow reduction is hardly noticed and your family will get used to the new level soon!
  • Remove salt at the table and do not encourage adding salt before tasting.
  • Restrict namkeens, pickles as occasional treats.
  • Some food products carry sodium content on label – but please remember to do the math to check your salt intake – some namkeens, pizzas, garlic bread can have more than 300 mg of sodium  per serve which translates to 1 gram of salt which is 20-25% of your daily intake and in some products can easily cross the 50% mark!
  • For young children train their palate to less salt so they taste the natural flavours and get used to a healthy level of salt.

So, hope this article has made you reflect a bit on salt consumption in your family and will help you take the required small steps in the right direction.

 The blogger would like to thank Unilever for sharing its “Salt and Health” workshop proceedings held in in September 2012, Bangalore.


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Meera Srinivasan is on the ParentEdge Editorial Panel. She has a background in Nutrition and Food Technology and comes with more than 15 years of experience in the food industry. As an involved parent of a 12-year old girl, she is passionate about increasing awareness on nutrition and health among children and parents.

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One thought on “Salt comes cheap, but excess consumption can prove to be costly!

  1. Shuchi

    Hi Meera, we come across a lot of communication on need to reduce salt. However, never get an access to – ways by means of which we can actually reduce our daily consumption. Thank you for sharing quick and easy ways by which we can make an attempt to regulate if not drastically reduce our salt consumption. :)


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