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Science Box from ZLIFE Education

Science Box from ZLIFE Education














Science Box from ZLIFE Education is a box comprising four experiments around a scientific concept. The box contains all the apparatus and instructions necessary to conduct simple experiments at home that will introduce and explain scientific concepts to children. A sample of the topics that these experiments touch on includes rocketry, acids and bases, electricity, batteries, etc.

The objective of the Science Box is to explain scientific concepts to children and reinforce them through hands-on involvement and experimentation. Each box comprises the apparatus and tools needed for the experiments, safety gear, an Activity Guide (explaining the concept), and instruction sheets that include images. According to the manufacturer, the Science Box is intended for children between the ages of 7 and 12.

This box is available on order.
Interested parents can subscribe online by visiting http://www.zlifeeducation. com/ and the box will be delivered to your doorstep (anywhere in India and internationally as well) on a monthly basis, with each box presenting a different concept.

Each box is priced at INR 1500 (this includes shipping), but different subscription plans are available for 3-, 6- and 12-month subscriptions, which lower the cost per box.

What we like
• That the box arrives with all the apparatus  necessary for the experiments, such as test tubes, bread boards, wires, chemicals, etc. All you need to supply from home are things that are easily available—scissors, colours, etc. This makes it easy for the child and the parent, doing away with the need to visit a
store or track down the requisite material.
• The Activity Guide that accompanies each box and clearly explains the scientific concepts. This booklet will help the child understand different aspects of the concept. For example, the Activity Guide for the box ‘Chemistry and Colours’ explains what acids and bases are, how they can be identified and marked on a pH colour chart, how they react to form different compounds, etc. The explanations are simple, and even a young child who has not been introduced to these topics in school can understand them at a
basic level.
• That each box has four experiments that are sufficiently different from each other and explore the concept using a variety of approaches. In the ‘Electronics & Circuitry’ box for instance, a child can learn how to complete a circuit and power a motor in different ways, learn to read voltage, use LEDs, etc.
• The quality of the materials used, which are very good. Science Box uses real, working apparatus that will excite your children—this is not a toy!

What can be improved
• The instructions can be difficult to follow. The accompanying visuals are merely screen shots from the YouTube demonstration videos, and are not very effective in clarifying any doubts that arise from the unclear instructions. The YouTube videos, in turn, are too fastpaced to allow a child to comprehend
exactly what needs to be done. Ideally, instructional videos should be slow enough to allow children to follow in a step-by-step manner, but these videos move fast and the child can get confused.


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