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Science Box from ZLIFE Education

• The instructions include a lot of minutiae that can be daunting for younger users and make the process
tedious for them—“measure out 2 cm of tape”, “mark off 5 cm from the edge of a sheet”, etc.
• Some of the apparatus doesn’t quite work right. While the tools supplied are all of good quality, they sometimes do not work as they are meant to—avalve that does not completely seal off the opening and allows gas to escape; wooden skewers that are not long enough to allow free movement,
and so on. Often, the result is a little less effective than what is shown on the YouTube video. This can be
disappointing to children as well.

The product concept is  great—to introduce children to scientific concepts through hands-on experimentation. And the biggest benefit is that everything is delivered to you at home in a simple box. However, the quality of the instructions and videos needs to be improved to allow for ease of use. Younger children, especially, cannot conduct the experiments without extensive help from adults, who pretty much end up doing everything themselves. For this reason and for the fact that the concepts
that are explored are quite complex, we would recommend this product for children who are 10+ years of age, rather than the stated 7.

- Kritika Srinivasan

“I like this product a lot—it engages my children and keeps them away from TV. They like the hands-on experience that it provides. While the level is a little high for my children, it is at least useful in  developing their interest in science. It teaches science in a way that schools don’t!”                                                      – Darshini Vimal, Delhi, two children aged 8 and 10.
“The concept is good and the experiments are interesting. My son is able to follow all the instructions and conduct the experiments on his own. He finds the YouTube video easy to follow. But the
packaging can be better. Also, some of the experiments don’t work as shown in the video. I would still recommend this product to parents who are looking for some educational activity for their children that
is also fun.”                                                                                                                                                                                        – Gita Yadav, Delhi, one son aged 10.
“While the concept is promising, the instructions are complex for younger children to follow. Setting up each experiment is a cumbersome process and requires adult help and supervision. The YouTube videos are too short and of not much help either. The product needs to be simplified to be more effective. On the other hand, the experiments are fun and a great way to reinforce concepts.
The quality of the material and apparatus is very good.”                                                                                                                     – Ankur Sharma, Gurgaon, one son aged 7.


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