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Sleep – the secret ingredient of your child’s growth

3) Sleep Accessories – Babies only need a well-fitting sheet made of skin-friendly, natural material such as cotton. For children, the quality of pillows, bed sheets and blankets are all important.
4) Clothing – Children should be dressed in comfortable clothing that are conducive to the temperature. It is always better to use natural materials such as cotton.
5) The right temperature – If your child is too hot or too cold, her sleep will be disturbed. Most doctors regard 22°C to 25°C as the right temperature.
6) Well fed – Babies should be well fed and burped. For children, ideally their last meal should be 1-2 hours before they sleep.

Behavioural, Emotional and Physical well-being of children.

In case of growing children, sleep can often get affected by their behavioural, emotional and physical state.
1) Independent Sleeping: Children should be encouraged to become independent sleepers early on. To make a child an independent sleeper, the effort needed is like teaching them to eat on their own. It needs to be handled with affection, encouragement, patience, and firmness. A child’s sleep should ideally not be dependent on their parents being around.
2) Children get deeply affected by what they see during the day – the home and school environment therefore has an impact on their sleep.
3) Children often dream vividly. It is therefore essential to calm their minds before sleep. Having a sleep routine helps. Meditating, reading a good book or listening to good music helps them to calm down.
4) Over tiredness may hamper good sleep. Children should be encouraged to exercise adequately but avoid physical exhaustion.

Lack of sleep in children leads to irritation, crankiness, lower immunity, unwillingness to engage/ learn, non-attainment of their optimal height, increased risk of diabetes and overly withdrawn or hyperactive nature. With the ever-increasing stress in today’s world, ensure that your child sleeps well (have the right bed and mattress) and develops independent sleeping habits early on.

A well-rested child is a happy child!


This blog was contributed by Shruti Malani, Co-Founder, Beddy by Centuary


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