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4)      Work from within. A bullied person generally is bullied all their life. If you can’t stand up to someone who is making you uncomfortable, chances are you will not be able to do so in your adult life. It is important to know what can be done to limit meanness and abuse in an age when the problem isn’t just confined to schools but is also in our computer screens and phones.

The school is working hard to get my daughter to be a happy confident, and thus a bully-free person. At my end I’m doing things they’ve recommended for the same.

Tips to tell children:

1)      Remember not to take anything a bully says to heart.

2)      Walk with a purposeful confidence and a ‘don’t-you-dare-mess-with-me attitude’.

3)      Never try to get revenge. It will please them even more. Ignore them and walk away- that’s your best bet. All they want is attention.

5)      Do not actually try to fight the bully unless you are in serious danger of injury.

6)      Tell someone the second you feel threatened.


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4 thoughts on “STAND UP TALL

  1. Ramya

    Very timely post Vinita. We are beginning a new section Spotlight in our second anniversary July-August issue where we interview experts on psychological and behavioural issues in children.

    And, the first topic is Bullying!

  2. bindu

    been there, with my son. Our advice, try to talk the first and second time and then give it back, seemed t have worked.

    second one was on getting ragged. told him to try ignoring the taunts and they wouldn’t be interested, that worked as well, thankfully.

    parenting is a constant tight rope walking, you never know when you or your child will lose balance

  3. Kritika Srinivasan

    Great article Vinitha. As parents, we often tend to downplay what our kids are experiencing, thinking that they are exaggerating or seeking to gain attention.

    As a victim of intense and vindictive bullying in high school, I can empathise with what your daughter is going through. The bullying completely changed my personality, making me reserved, introverted and scared – hard to believe today when you look at me :). But it did take a lot of effort on my part and my parents’ part to restore my self-confidence and ability to make new friends. And I can confidently assert, that support from friends and family can go a long way in helping a victim of bullying!


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