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Stay-at-Home Moms: No more a Plight, Rather, a Delight

The Contemporary mom

Gone are the days when Day-care centres had a stringent operational structure. Today, it gives flexibility in terms of days and hours. Not to forget, an opportunity for your children to socialize in a child-based atmosphere. While India still lags behind, it seems that the need for ‘Baby Cafés’ and Healthcare centres with child care facilities is not entirely unnoticed. There are indoor play areas in lots of malls. One such unique addition is ‘MILLK’ a play area for kids with café and spa for parents, in Mumbai.  Night-time baby care centres are not only a boon to working parents but even for SAHM’s. For instance, Night crèche like Innocentius in Ghaziabad, Care Plus World (CPW) a 24 hour crèche that has CCTV installed to provide parents with regular updates in New Delhi, ‘OVER THE MOON’- Night crèche with anytime check-in and check-out facility in Mumbai, Esperanza in Hyderabad, another 24-hour care facility with ad-hoc services if you plan to have a night-out, go for a late night movie or plan a weekend trip. “It’s not a crime to feel like an adult a couple of hours a month.” Says Dani Ryan, a contributing author to the hilarious book, ‘I just want to pee alone.’


The internet has made the world smaller and opened doors for hundreds and thousands of women to work from home. And the landscape has certainly changed. The transition is now from SAHM to WAHM (work-at-home mom).  Now the war is not between work and home. The question is “what work can I do from home?” “There are many online opportunities you can apply for depending on your skills,” says, Diya Seth, 35, a fashion designer, and in making to launch her own website to target a larger audience.

The Techy mom

“With the aid of technology the title of ‘Supermom’ is quite achievable,” says Priya, 39, who wouldn’t dare to miss her work-out regime. She uses the jogging stroller to wheel her daughter on a 5 Km daily run.

  • The Wi-Fi baby camera.

Set your camera anywhere and use the free mydlink app to view the sharp video feed. It comes with a night vision mode. It sends you notifications like room temperature, motion detection and loud noises like crying. “I call for a nanny on an ad-hoc basis and this camera helps me ensure my child’s safety while I am away,” says Rikta Shah, 22, Belgium.

  • GPS Tracker for kids

Kids’ safety is a global concern in a society where kidnapping and molestation cases are rampant. If you have a bundle of joy and want to keep a watchful eye on him or her when at school or playing, many GPS trackers for kids are now available online. It can map trails, distance travelled and the amount of time your kids spends at various locations. These devices come in the form of wearable bands. One tracker comes with a unique feature that alerts parents when the wristband is submerged in water for 5 consecutive seconds. There is a GPS tracker bracelet which comes with a tracking device that monitors temperature, heart rate and active tracking. So, let the trackers do the surveillance job while you are indulged in cherishing your “me-time”.


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Singapore-based Bijal Shah is the mother of a 5-year-old daughter. She is pursuing a course in Journalism from the British College. Being a SAHM, the question that she dreads the most is "What do you do?". It's only five years of motherhood that she realises how trivial this question is, and she has a prepared answer for it!

5 thoughts on “Stay-at-Home Moms: No more a Plight, Rather, a Delight

  1. Kritika Srinivasan

    Welcome to ParentEdge Bijal, and thank you for this detailed post on different kinds of SAHM. It would be an interesting exercise to slot ourselves into categories. And given that many of these categories link to personality traits and interests, even working mums could check them out!

  2. Ketan Patel

    Hi Bijal, It’s an eye opener for all the mothers who believe that being full time child-duty is a deadlock. Every mum must read this and try to re-ignite their passion over-shadowed by their little bundle of joy. Congrats!Vry well written and eagerly wait for more breaking the taboo blogs from you ;)).


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