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Stay-at-Home Moms: No more a Plight, Rather, a Delight


While the titles have kept evolving; from “housewives to house-maker”, from “house maker to stay-at-home mums”, from “stay-at-home mums to domestic engineers”, these motivational experiences of SAHM’s introduce us to a new title, “Being-Mum-Is-Fun.” How?  Just ask yourself which “me-time” element suits you best. “Are you an In-vogue mom or a Military mom?  A Contemporary mom or an Autonomous mom? A WAHM, Secretive mom or a Techy mom?”

Challenge yourself to do something that you love, for yourself, in your role as a full-time mum.


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Singapore-based Bijal Shah is the mother of a 5-year-old daughter. She is pursuing a course in Journalism from the British College. Being a SAHM, the question that she dreads the most is "What do you do?". It's only five years of motherhood that she realises how trivial this question is, and she has a prepared answer for it!

5 thoughts on “Stay-at-Home Moms: No more a Plight, Rather, a Delight

  1. Kritika Srinivasan

    Welcome to ParentEdge Bijal, and thank you for this detailed post on different kinds of SAHM. It would be an interesting exercise to slot ourselves into categories. And given that many of these categories link to personality traits and interests, even working mums could check them out!

  2. Ketan Patel

    Hi Bijal, It’s an eye opener for all the mothers who believe that being full time child-duty is a deadlock. Every mum must read this and try to re-ignite their passion over-shadowed by their little bundle of joy. Congrats!Vry well written and eagerly wait for more breaking the taboo blogs from you ;)).


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