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Staying afloat

FEAR is what we adults push down their throats and what gets the best of us, always. CYNICISM is another culprit. TRUST, the third casualty. The list is endless!!

So, here’s what we can do as parents:

  1. Teach our children to explore and experiment.
  2. Show them how to play safe and not put themselves or others in danger.
  3. Train them to think straight and reason with clarity.
  4. Instil in them the ability to have faith in themselves.
  5. Impart to them the fact that learning something new also entails some fun.

As we do it, I know, we’ll end up feeling a lot better, not just for them but for ourselves too.


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4 thoughts on “Staying afloat

  1. Kritika

    Amrita – as always a great and thought-povoking post. It’s amazing how you draw parenting lessons from everyday occurences!

    It’s difficult isn’t it – to encourage your child to be a risk-taker while protecting her from the fallouts of taking risks. As you rightly point out, sometimes we need to just let them be and let them take care of themselves – lest we teach them to be afraid of every situation. Much rather teach them to cope with diffuclt situations rather than run away in fear!

  2. Meera

    Thanks for sharing this amrita, and your reflection on this experience can help us reflect how unknowingly we pass on our fears, cynicism to our children ..if as parents we can do what you have suggested — it will be a win-win for both parent and child!

  3. Amrita Pai

    Meera and Kritika,

    Thanks for writing in, both of you! Yes, its a double edged sword alright. But one lives and learns. While we do pass on a degree of our neurosis to our children, I guess we also need to equip them with an antidote to fight it.

  4. Ramya Srinivasan

    Nicely drawn lessons from a simple swimming class, Amrita. I agree with Kritika and Meera. But, I must admit that I personally find it very difficult not to (inadvertently) pass on my prejudices and fears to my son, try as I may :(


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