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The Right Age to Start School

Gone are the days when parents waited till their child was at least three years old to send her to school, and of course, ‘classes’ were added on much later. Nowadays toddlers as young as 1.5...

Preparing your Toddler for School

Fact: Today, many children start school when they are a mere 18 months old! This is, of course, preschool, which has become an extremely important part of a child’s schooling experience. Typically,...

Preparing for Primary School Interviews

Children as young as four or five who are entering the primary section of regular schools in Indian metros often need to go through an observation or interview session so that they can be evaluated...

Learning at Home Through Everyday Activities

‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. A well-known and oft-quoted statement, especially by students who wish for an extra period of games! But what if we were able to combine both?...

Learning Through Play

 Distressed that your child spends too long playing around, and less of it ‘studying’? Concerned that other children may be acquiring many more skills at her age? Overwrought that your child...

Choosing the Right School for Your Child – A Check List

The choice of a school is one of the most important decisions that marks your child’s journey in formal education outside the home. Given the plethora of choices today, both for independent...