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Teach your Kids to Differentiate between Right and Wrong Touch


Educate them about “safe body rule”

As a parent I have read a lot about predators loitering around in playschools, play areas, school buses or vans, ready to pounce on innocent kids; in such circumstances teaching your child about good and bad touch is not enough. Experts say that it is imperative to teach your child the “Safe Body Rule”, which is nothing but telling them it is NOT ACCEPTABLE for anyone to touch their private parts or the parts that are covered by swimsuits. This way it will become easier for a child to recognise when the touch is bad and to put a stop to it.


Talk to them with correct body names

Like I mentioned earlier, it is important to talk to your kids about these touches while talking proper names, because experts feel that generally predators take advantage of the fact that we don’t talk to our kids about these issues openly. So don’t commit the mistake of omitting the proper names. This will also help them to be more forthcoming if something untoward happened to them. As parents, we need to teach them it is their body and they should not be embarrassed to talk about it to a trusted adult.


Adult secrets are to be shared

Generally it is observed that predators scare the child into secrecy, and the young kid, fearing the wrath of adults, stays quiet and silently bears the abuse. However, as parents we need to tell them that if any adult tries to touch them where they think is wrong and then tells them to keep it a secret, they should immediately come to you and reveal it.  Here again, examples are the best way to teach them and if possible, indulge in some role play for them to gain better understanding.


Creating a circle of safe adults

Involve your relatives or friends whom you and your child can trust, so that the predator knows that your kid is not alone and will not bear anything silently. Also encourage your child to talk loudly when an adult tries to whisper with him, as that will make him conscious of his surroundings and he will think twice about approaching any kid.


I hope that this blog will be able to create awareness amongst young parents, and together we can protect our future generation!



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Swati Nitin Gupta is a journalist with extensive experience in writing for newspapers, tabloids, magazines and online media in India as well as Middle East. She has written on a range of topics, from human interest stories to event coverage to features on topics like fashion, beauty, women, children, travel and general health issues. As an Indian Army officer's daughter, Swati has been been exposed to the various cultures and lifestyles of different states of the country – knowledge of which she tries to incorporate in her writing. Swati also maintains her personal blogs at swatisays.wordpress.com and swati1012.wordpress.com.

3 thoughts on “Teach your Kids to Differentiate between Right and Wrong Touch

  1. Kritika Srinivasan

    Good tips Swati. Thank you – this has become so essential today – it should be made mandatory by schools that parents talk to their children about good and bad touch at the preschool level.


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