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Go Grab it While You Can

To be Happy and Live Life to the FullThis blog post has been contributed by Tina George.

I recently returned from a two month vacation in Kerala, India, with my retired parents. My daughter Myrah was three months when we reached and in the two months we were there she started rolling over, recognizing people and even responding to her name. Big things in a baby whose life is just blossoming.

While in Kerala, I was surrounded by elderly people, others like my parents who are retired and enjoying the quietness of a slow life. Most of them dealing with the travails of health problems, aches, pains and other issues that old age brings. A few people I knew in my childhood days passed away while I was there, and it was a grim reminder of life’s sad realities. Being in the midst of these elderly people with a new born baby presented a clear perspective on the inevitable cycle of life.It was an opportunity to better understand the human journey, starting from a new born with all its amazement and wonder, to the excitement of new parenthood, the pain of old age, the loneliness of living away from children and the yearning for loved ones around.

The limitations of an ailing body and mind are many, and on many occasions they live with the memories of happy days gone by and the naustalgia of younger and abler days. And most of all, the anxiety of death is very real and gripping. Here I was, starting on a long journey of parenthood and here was Myrah, beginning her cycle of life. And we were surrounded by people who had lived their full life, completed their journeys or awaiting their final days. In between these two extreme ends, each one of has the opportunity to build our life. I realized that now is the time to define who I am, make my mark the way I want to, work towards realizing my dreams and live my life to the full.

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Opportunities pass us by every day; unless we grab them and turn them into happy realities for ourselves, we will one day look back on life and wish things were different. I reminded myself to fill my days to the brim, I should strive to experience new things everyday, I want to discover more love and happiness. And when life seems overwhelming and overloaded, I should look at the bigger picture and steer myself back to living the full life. In the process, hopefully I will teach Myrah to live her life to the full as well. She will define her own happiness and dreams when she is able, but till then she will see that each day has a wealth to explore and life is ours to live. Go on, grab your own life, live it and let it overflow…..

Note : This post first appeared on Tina’s personal blog. It has been republished with the author’s permission.

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