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Teaching your Child to Love Maths: Tips

Teaching your Child to Love Maths Tips

These tips have been contributed by Akhila Jha from Bangalore, the Winner of our ‘Does your Child Like Maths?’ contest.

I started Loving Math in Grade 9 – ever since I realized I could actually solve problems. Till then I was terrified of Math. For me, it is very important to pass on to my child how and what I learnt, so here are some tips for other parents as well.

Firstly get the concepts right and don’t move ahead if the basic concept is not understood. Now how to make sure that the concept is understood? Unfortunately there is no silver bullet, but here are some ideas:

1. Firstly I would read, understand and work through enough examples.

2. To make it interesting, get practice papers. For primary childern I found edhelper very good. And the important part was that we would make it a game – both of us, my child and I would take two sample papers/sums and try and solve them. Whoseover solves them first would get a point. So Amartya, my son, ended up accumulating points. Even during his 10th grade, we both solved problems together…. (I had to brush up my Trigo !!)

3.  The other fun element that was added was relating math to everyday scenarios from his own life, formulating word problems that were relevant. For example, Amartya and Arjun went to Mac and asked for 8 burgers each costing …

4. There is no substitute for practice; however it can be tiring and there is also lack of time – the reference books have hundreds of problems. So, the smart way to do it is to check if you understand simple problems by doing examples on your own and skip those that are similar. Do only unique ones.

5. Lastly, encourage your child to teach a  junior – this boosts confidence as well as acts as refresher.

Online resources I have used: edhelper.com and the Khan Academy


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