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The Art of Sharing in Kids

Sharing in kids

Toy fighting

                    Not so sure if I can put this post under “Diaries of the young parent” !! At 34, I cannot presume to be called young – but with a 2 year old daughter , I think this post does fit here. So, here is the big question every toddler’s parent asks – how do I get him/her to share? Well ,the straight answer is “You don’t”. You cannot possibly expect 1 to 2 year old babies to give up what is dearest to them – their toys. I used to run a play group when my older son was a year old and for the first few sessions, utter chaos reigned supreme everytime it was my turn to host the kids.

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My son would holler at any child who picked up his cars and trucks. Soon, we hit upon a solution – right before the other kids came, I would gather all those toys which were my son’s top favourites and stash them away – so no one could take them. It did work :) Of course, that doesn’t mean that, as a parent, you stop trying to instil good habits in your child right from the start. You need to be softly persistent and not expect immediate results. Sometimes, they will share ( quite rarely, in fact) and sometimes they won’t. Well, as an adult, I assume that the art of sharing is completely present in all you readers. So, go ahead, pick up your pen – ummmm… ‘keyboard and mouse’, I mean- and share with me your stories of teaching your baby to share.

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One thought on “The Art of Sharing in Kids

  1. Prashant

    For us my elder son is 6 years elder to his little sister… he is at an age when he understands sharing is important and does well to care of her.


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