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The Bartimaeus Trilogy

Age Group: 13+ Years

Title – The Bartimaeus Trilogy

Author – Jonathan Stroud

Publisher – Doubleday

The Bartimaeus Trilogy revolves around magic, though not quite the same kind of magic as Harry Potter. Humans control other beings who can perform magic, by summoning and imprisoning them in this world. The protagonists are Nathaniel, a teenaged magician and Kitty Jones, a ‘commoner’ (non-magician) and a member of the resistance against magicians. Bartimaeus is a being from the other world who has been called by Nathaniel. The first book in the series follows the style of the adventure genre, with lots of action. The second and the third books focus on the changes in Nathaniel’s character and attitude after he becomes a powerful minister. On the whole, the books make for a refreshing read, especially with Bartimaeus’ light humour.
Note: There is a fourth book, a prequel, set several centuries earlier than the trilogy. Nathaniel does not feature in it. This book, ‘The Ring of Solomon’, also makes for a nice read.