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The Desi Scene – Gen Y Kids

This blog post has been contributed by Sukanya Badri.

Indian Kids Playing Growing up in India has become that much more exciting these days – lucky the present genY! The signs of change are all around you – right from what you study and how you do it, to the way you dress and present yourself, the fun and not so fun activities, the kind of jobs you can get, to the way you look at society and how society in turn looks at you….I may not be in sync with all thats happening but it excites me to see that India is at last lumbering towards a modern society from its traditional platform, and opening up several new doors along the way. But, spare a thought for GenY. Its not easy for the kids. For its an extremely competitive world out there, not to forget the ambitious parents like us who want their wards to be the ‘bestest’ of the best, whatever that means.

            I sometimes wonder what goes through the minds of these kids – are they equally excited to see the opportunities present in every other way; or are they viewing them as a way of life and approaching with resignation and acceptance of the inevitable; or worse, petrified about satisfying expectations of others and themselves, and losing out on motivation and self-esteem?

          Parenting in India has never been more relevant than it is today. Its not just about schooling and sports and music. Its not about teaching good manners and speaking with respect, any more. Its more about equipping your kid to face up to the new world and the several challenges that come with it. Its about making your child have self belief in his or her own abilities and equipping them well enough to do what is best for them. What is best for them? Well, that is another story…

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One thought on “The Desi Scene – Gen Y Kids

  1. sudha

    I think both growing up and parenting today in India are both exciting and challenging at the same time. As parents, we have to be conscious not to draw parallels with the way we grew up, and we have to be able to figure out how to deal with situations we may not be able to empathize with. And of course, as Sukanya points out, learn how to let kids be without abdicating your responsibility.


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