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The Final Choice: Choosing your Best Fit College

7. Athletics

If you want huge tailgate parties and packed stadiums, you’ll want to be at a large university with Division I teams. The Division III games of a small school are often fun social outings, but the experience is entirely different. If you’re interested in playing on a team but don’t want to make a career of it, a small school may provide more low-stress opportunities.

8. Leadership Opportunities

At a small college, you’ll have a lot less competition getting leadership positions in student government and student organizations. You’ll also find it easier to make a difference on campus. Individual students with a lot of initiative can really stand out at a small school in a way they won’t at a huge university.

9. Advising and Guidance

At many large universities, advising is handled through a central advising office, and you may end up attending large group advising sessions. At small colleges, the advising is frequently handled by the professors. With small college advising, your advisor is more likely to know you well and provide meaningful, personalized guidance.

10. Anonymity

Do you like being hidden in the crowd? Do you like being a silent observer in the classroom? It’s much easier to be anonymous at a large university.

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A Final Word

Many schools fall within a gray area on the small/large spectrum. I have also dealt mostly with size in this write up as I find it a very key area to consider and feel that it overlaps with many of the other features that make college meaningful. But please come up with other criteria for your own Right Fit Matrix to determine what is important to you.

Look also at certain special features of the colleges that you are considering. Dartmouth College, the smallest of the Ivies, provides a nice balance of college and university features and has an innovative Quarter System called the D-Plan. The University of Georgia has an Honors program of 2,500 students that provides small, student-centered classes within a large state university. Some schools may have consortiums of several schools that offer opportunities for larger offerings. Some schools have CO-OP opportunities that allow you to work in your field of interest for a year during study. Keep an eye out for some of these offerings as you explore.


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