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The Gen Y Parents

Gen Y Parents

We have often heard about kids of this generation being extra smart, gadget friendly, pampered, et al – in short, not the way we grew up. I have often, criticised them myself for watching too much TV, having too many expectations, always wanting more, and what not.

Today, I will pause and look at the mirror. If I can scold my children for not being the goody-two-shoes, obedient child I used to be, then shouldn’t I be dealt the same hand for not being the mother my amma was 30 years back? Here is a brief comparison:

Ramya Ramya’s amma
Drives an AC car Waited for the bus or walked
Buys Tropicana Made fresh mango and orange juices
Has 2 servants for household work and dusting Had an irregular maid
Has ironing delivered to the door Ironed everything herself
Used google to research for school projects Had to search an ordinary library for material
Expects family to co-operate with office commitments Had to balance office and work without any assistance

If I were to open this list out to all of you, I’m sure I would be flooded with contributions. Well, my point is that times have changed – and changed drastically at that. While we have many more luxuries to help us, so do our children. We have to accept this truth and bring up our kids not in the same way we were brought up, but to be the best possible in this time and age.

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3 thoughts on “The Gen Y Parents

  1. Sudha Kumar

    Good one Ramya. Shows that we need to take a good and honest look at ourselves every now and then!

  2. Kritika


    I totally agree. I think, as parents, we sometimes tend to over-stress the fact that our children are ‘pampered’, too used to ‘luxuries’, don’t have it it hard enough, etc. But as you rightly point out, our world is a totally different one from our parents’ and we indulge in so mnay more little pleasures than our parents did. Why should it be any different for our children? Just because I want my daughter to retain middle class values, I cannot expect her to travel by bus when we have a car at home. The trick lies in teaching her to adapt to a variety of circumstances – she should be equally comfortable travelling by bus if the need arises.

  3. uma veerappan

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