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The Habit of Reading in Children is a Nurtured One

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The key is in you being able to determine what keeps your child interested and procuring the right reading resources.


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Asawari Joshi Salwan is an Anthroposophy-inspired Parent Coach. She coaches mothers of young children, helping them feel confident about themselves as parents, and strengthening their bond with one another through one-to-one sessions and group workshops. Her objective is to build a safe, healthy and nurturing community for each child. Through her writing, Asawari wants to help parents connect to their feelings so that they ask the right questions of themselves. She also blogs at http://sowthechange.com/

5 thoughts on “The Habit of Reading in Children is a Nurtured One

  1. Sia

    I agree reading needs to be nurtured. A Child learns from her parents. If they browse, buy and read books, the child will tend towards it too.

  2. Aparajita Bose

    My son was an an avid reader till the time school academics and Trinity school of music did not snatch away his idle hours. He confessed to me once that since the day our old TV had conked out years back he had begun taking refuge in books to kill his boredom. By the time the new TV came in he was completely hooked to books. On the flip side, his ‘obsession’ with story books does not allow him to spend a good amount of time with his school books! Strangely, my daughter is yet to begin to show her interest for books beyond the usual degree. She has seen me reading more than her brother has seen because I kept late hours at my workplace when he was a little boy. I think I know one of the reasons. The curriculum load is significantly more than what it was for my son when he was her age. With guilt I realize that her fun-filled years are now when she should spend a lot of time in her own storybook-world. I think a big bookshelf in the drawing room would do the trick!

  3. Kavita

    Reading allow a flight of imagination that no other medium provides.I have noticed even very young children enjoy books- reading, looking at pictures, or even chewing it! But while this affinity for books may be instinctive,it is for parents to nurture and convert it into a reading habit.


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