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Parents’ Guide to the Birds and Bees Talk

I listened to my mom’s embarrassed instructions without a peep just as didi had instructed.

Thankfully now the schools do a lot of educating on this topic. There are special classes which explain the whole reproductive system to the children.

However embarrassing, parents should take up the initiative and educate their children. For despite the efforts been made by the schools, nothing compares to the tender understanding a parent can render is such a sensitive topic.

Failing that, the child gropes around in the darkness of no knowledge. Worse still, she can suffer greatly from the misinformation doled out by equally half-baked knowledge of the peer group. Sometimes these lasting impressions on the tender minds affect their adult lives too.

So go out there and make an effort. Be brave and overcome the hesitation. It is undoubtedly uncomfortable. But once you take the plunge, it will help them in making wise choices in life. Also you would notice, this does wonders for your relationship too.

Often we wait till the child hits puberty to explain all. A better move would be to gradually guide the child from when they are eight or nine. Do not ignore queries like how I was born? Often children inquire when they see a pregnant woman. Assuage the child’s inquisitiveness with realistic age appropriate answers. “Darling, the stork dropped you here” type of answer is surely not helping.

Leading by example is always a good practice. So if the child’s first initiation into sexuality comes from the parent’s collection of porn magazines, what is left to say?

Apart from the technical side, there is also the moral side. It is your duty to ingrain the values of your family into your child.

So get set to pick the prickly nettle. And chuck those back issues of Playboy away.

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Sia Mitra is a freelance writer and blogger with more than a decade of experience. She has written for most major publications like Femina, Prevention, Complete Well-being, Child, Mother & Baby, Parent & Child, Womens Era, etc.

4 thoughts on “Parents’ Guide to the Birds and Bees Talk

  1. Ramya

    Quite hilarious Sia.

    Children do pick up nuggets of (mis)information, don’t they?

    It is best to share factual, age appropriate information as children grow up rather than do a one-shot, lecture when we think they are ready.

    Coincidentally, the upcoming March issue has two articles related to your post – a Spotlight article on Early Puberty and an Everyday Parenting article on Tackling tough questions and sticky situations.


  2. Kritika Srinivasan

    Lol! Very funny, especially the bit about checking in the toilet bowl to see if you have randomly dropped a kid inside! But yes, you make a good and valid point behind all that humour. We tread a thin line between keeping kids informed and taking away their innocence at an early age. But given that the world does not lend itself to innocence any longer and that children are bombarded by images of violence, sex and unpleasant realities, it is better that they learn to view these in an informed manner rather than with a prejudiced eye! And that information had best come from parents!

  3. Aparajita Bose

    I just loved it for the wonderful suggestions and tips coated with humour.
    Sia, I have a question for you.
    Do you think or not if fathers had a heart-to-heart talk with the sons and the moms with the daughters, it would be the best thing possible instead of leaving it all for the moms?

  4. Sia

    Aparajita, fathers are an embarressed lot. 9 out of 10 they will badly bungle it all. But i guess it would be better for the boy to get a masculine perspective.


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