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The Wishing Chair Series

Age Group: 6 – 9 Years

Title – The Wishing Chair Series

Author – Enid Blyton

Egmont Books Ltd.

First published in 1937, The Wishing Chair stories begin with Molly and Peter going shopping to buy their mother a birthday gift. Frightened by a sudden commotion in the antique shop they are visiting, they huddle up in an old chair, wishing that they were at home, when the chair flies out through the door and takes them home. What follows is a series of magical adventures where the children fly to enchanted lands and run into fantastic adventures. They even rescue a pixie, Chinky, who then comes to live with them. And like any other Enid Blyton story, this series teaches children old-world values of friendship and loyalty, honesty and perseverance, courage and selflessness. Children will love reading about the adventures of Molly, Peter and Chinky, fantasising about lands and beyond the boundaries of imagination, peopled with magical creatures. Even adults will not mind revisiting these lands through the series!