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This is How Modern Moms Ensure Good Health for Their Kids | ParentEdge


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This is How Modern Moms Ensure Good Health for Their Kids

mother and childMothers swear by the fact that raising a child with healthy habits is excruciatingly challenging as compared to any other task in life. The attraction towards food items that are sugary and colourful is immense for kids growing up in this era. Motherhood is not just about having a child. It is a lot more about bringing up the child in such a way that he/she develops into a healthy individual. It might sound cliché, but as a mother, you are always conscious of the fact that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Therefore, all efforts of modern mothers are directed towards ensuring that their kids eat healthy.

When it comes to healthy habits, mothers across the globe have recognised certain best parenting practices, tried and tested over a period of time, to ensure good health for their children. These are:
• Install an RO water purifier to develop the habit of healthy drinking: Installing an advanced RO water purifier powered by advanced technology such as Kent is a great step towards improving the immunity quotient in children. Additionally, developing safe water drinking habits right at home is also important. Habits die hard, and so it is important to inculcate habits towards good health and hygiene from the very start.
• Emphasise on the important of staying hydrated always: Staying hydrated is one of the important aspects of growing up healthy, and the best way to do so is to drink plenty of water. However, the water should be free of any contamination. This makes it all the more important to have a quality RO water purifier installed at your home.
• Be their role models and greatest inspirations: Children grow up spending a lot of time with their parents. The behaviour, mannerism, and habits of parents need to be right so that children imbibe the same. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that children are tough appraisers, tougher than our bosses at work. As mothers, whatever we speak and eat find a reflection in the choices made our children. So, let’s start with healthy choices,so that we don’t regret later.
• Involve actively in different aspects of growing up: The best thing that mothers can invest in the healthy upbringing of their children is their valuable time. Gadgets get outdated, fortunes wane, and styles change but the quality time spent together with your child can make a lot of difference to his/her overall personality. Those with beautiful memories of togetherness with their parents and siblings grow up to be more emotionally stable. So, cut down on the screen time of your kids and spend time together in fun activities, either indoors or outdoors.
• Prepare healthy meals and eat them together: Herein stands the scope for some creativity in otherwise boring chores of a mom. Even though we all are hard pressed for time, there is always some time to don the chef’s hat and prepare something inviting and interesting by using healthy and natural ingredients. The idea is to replace unhealthy, junk and sugary treats with healthy, home-cooked and nutritious meals. Having such interesting meals together can be so much fun!
• Replace soft fizzy drinks with homemade smoothies and coolers: The idea of replacing fizzy drinks with homemade lemonades, fruit syrups, and other such freshly-prepared beverages can do wonders to your child’s health. By doing this, you will keep your child away from harmful preservatives and added sugars. Availability and accessibility to healthy stuff at home go a long way in eliminating unhealthy food items and drinks from one’s lifestyle. Instead of fizzy drinks, make simple yet delicious smoothies and coolers. This will not only help in keeping your kid hydrated, but also ensure nutrition at the same time.
The key is to focus on such aspects that would enable our child to develop as a healthy individual.


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