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Three Ways to Get Better Photos of Your Children

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Snapping photos of your children can be tricky, and more often than not you may not be happy with how they turn out. The good news is that there are several ways that you can capture photos of your children that are much more interesting and look much better overall.

The best place to start doing that is by trying out these three methods:

Get down to their level

If you’re photographing your children while standing up you’ll be mostly capturing images of the top of their heads. However if you actually get down to their level, you can capture their expressions and what they are doing.

Position your camera so that it is at your child’s eye-level the next time you are snapping a photo and you will be able to instantly see the difference that it makes. If you’re capturing photos of a group of children, try to position it at the eye-level of the tallest child.

It should be noted that you can go even lower than eye-level, and it will produce an effect that makes your children look much larger if you do – which can be interesting in some cases too.

Capture over their shoulder
One of the more interesting types of photos that you can snap of your children is by positioning your camera slightly over their shoulder. Essentially that will frame your photo from the child’s perspective, and reveal whatever it is that they are doing.

The photos that you capture using this method will make viewers feel more immersed in the world of the child. It is the perfect way to capture interesting photos while your child is engaged in some static activity, and ideally unaware of the presence of the camera.

Use a high shutter speed
The one setting on your camera that you should adjust when you’re snapping photos of children is the shutter speed. That is especially the case if your child is on the move and tearing through the house or performing other fast-paced actions.

A high shutter speed will let you freeze the movement of your child and capture more impressive photos mid-action. It will let you avoid issues with motion blur, and produce crisp and clear images.

That said you should remember that a fast shutter speed will result in less light being let in, and could affect the exposure of your photos.


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