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Two Christmas Stories

Since we have left behind one recession and if the next one is not too bad, Santa need not worry about funds. If not, then God help him. For the kids will anyway manage to get what they want – there are weapons as strong as whining, nagging, grumbling, screaming, crying….. Maybe Santa will learn a lesson and go on a saving spree from right now to avoid any more unpleasant surprises next Christmas just in case 21st century Santa bunks at the eleventh hour again. Or maybe he’ll write a long letter to the children asking them to think a bit on this……
Meanwhile, let me enjoy Christmas by celebrating loads of family time!


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2 thoughts on “Two Christmas Stories

  1. Dolly Shrivastava

    Loved the stories Aparajita.You have good imagination and the best part is you frame it beautifully with words.I loved the stories and I am sure you enjoyed every moment of your creativity.Great Job!

  2. Sujoy K Saha

    Very nicely written….you nice little story make me remember…..those Bangoma & Bangomi stories……Lalkomol & NilKomol…..really things have changed & gone to PS3 or, Computer games…….I beleve the simplicity has taken a back seat today or, may the definition of Simplicity has changed……but the fundamental values still remains good & firm…..It is up to the parents, teachers & society how they concorporate into the children.


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