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Two Conversations with a Child

Two Conversations with a Child





“Ya Dad”

“Mom said you need help in your maths”

“Not really, I can manage Dad.”

“Oh! You can manage on your own now…don’t need any help from any one. Asking for help is below dignity is it?”

“Dad… please…”

“Do you know I am a gold medalist in school & college? Scored 100% in maths throughout school & college? But you won’t come to me because you don’t like the idea…”


“Why don’t you say something Mr Genius?”


“Go get your books, and switch off that fancy mobile phone.”

“OK Dad”


“Hi Rahul, are you busy? Got two minutes?”

“No Dad… why do you ask?”

“I am having some trouble with my mobile. Wonder if you can help me fix it.”

“Sure Dad, I will try.”

“Here is the mobile Rahul, I don’t know to use some of these keys. Plus I don’t know how some of the features work.”

“You should give that mobile to me Dad, and use mine!”(laughs and Dad joins in).

“I would actually like that. Since we are talking, I wanted to ask you something. Mom said you need some help with maths. I can try to help you if you like. I love maths and solving problems.”

“Ya Dad. I didn’t want to pile on because you are so busy with your work.”

“Not so busy that I don’t have time for you Rahul…do you want to work on your stuff now or later? I am free now and happy to work with you.”

“Shall I bring my books then?”




There are some obvious differences between the two conversations.

Here are a few things to think about:

  • What do you think is the relationship between Rahul & his father in situation one?
  • What about situation two?
  • If you are in Rahul’s position what would you do in situation 1 and situation 2?
  • If you are in the father’s position how will you change situation one?
  • Was situation 2 spontaneous or planned? What do you think?
  • If you are a counsellor what advice might you give the father in situation 1 and situation 2? Why?


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3 thoughts on “Two Conversations with a Child

  1. Sudha Kumar

    Packed with home truths. Lessons in being aware of one’s own behaviour for parents, rather than always looking at their children’s all the time…….


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