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Useful Parenting Websites


This website is a collection of discussion forums for mothers from all around the world and a useful place to pick up some pointers and tricks of the trade from other mothers like you!


The mother of a teenager created this website in an attempt to help others in the same situation as her. It is a gold mine for parents who are experiencing difficulties in dealing with their teenage children, and advises parents on issues ranging from communicating with teens to dealing with anger, peer pressure and eating disorders.


Sometimes traditional methods of parenting just don’t cut it. Some believe that a more openminded approach is necessary. That’s exactly what this website brings to the table. It helps parents deal with parenting issues with tact and understanding. The world is changing everyday around us
and the situations kids deal with are also changing. This website helps parents understand these changes and sort out common misunderstandings. It also covers uncommon topics such as single parenting, foster parenting, etc.


This website is a comprehensive forum where parents have discussions and provide advice to each other. Parents can put up their own guides and provide answers to those asking questions. Sometimes funny stories pop up as well – on how to get kids to bathe or eat their vegetables. You never know what you may find on this website! This website is releveant to children of all ages.


The complete Health & developement guide for parents, the website has suggestions and advice for parents on everything from health, home remedies and recipes to dealing with emotional issues. The website features different sections for children of different age groups as well. It is essentially a Wikipedia for parents seeking advice on their child’s health!


This website offers an easy, fun and safe first online experience for pre-schoolers learning basic skills such as letter recognition, counting and colour identification. With attractive music themes and much-loved television characters like Barney the Purple Dinosaur to keep them company, this website is sure to engage a child! Parents can also spend time with their children while watching educational videos and playing fun games.


Knowledge adventure is full of games that are entertaining and fun to play, while honing important skills such as memory, concentration and problem-solving. Children will love playing games with colourful themes and parents are put at ease by its simple layout and child-safe design. The best part is that the level of difficulty rises as the child gets better, spurring her on to greater heights.


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