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Vacationing with cousins | ParentEdge


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Vacationing with cousins

My drive to office today along one of the busiest roads in South Bangalore – Bannerghatta Road – was actually fun! The reason – everyone is out vacationing as 2012 draws to an end. My year-end vacation this year was great fun – thanks to my cousin’s family.

Our trip to the Jungle Resort at Dandeli, Karnataka and Gokarna brought the 4 Bangalore cousins closer together – from the almost-9 years old to the 3 year old! Let me introduce you to the 4 brats – the first is a cat-eyed, long haired beauty all of 8 and a half years, whose world revolves around Enid Blytons; the second (my son) is a typical 8 year old boy who loves fighting and Amar Chitra Katha stories on kings and warriors; the third (my daughter) is a naughty 3 and a half year old girl, whose only aim in life is to ape her “anna”; the last, but in no way the least, is a petite 3 year old who is modeled around Dennis the Menace – cute/adorable but mischievous!

the 4 cousins

The 4 Cousins

While the 4 seemingly have nothing in common, they had so much fun climbing rope ladders, balancing on the tight rope, playing in the beach, complaining all the way on the long 13 hour journey back, eating pakodas at the campfire, fighting with each other, joining hands while fighting with us, sharing silly jokes, running all over the camp with their mothers struggling to keep pace, munching on the never-ending supply of chocolates/candies/chips, snatching each others’ books, ….. – that it took me right back to the days when my sister and I did the same with our cousins.

I remember spending each of my vacations as a child with my cousins, grand parents, uncles and aunts – going out in crowded buses to the beach, playing cards and gobbling up sweets/savories through the hot sultry Madras afternoons (it was still known as Madras back then!) and reading Amar Chitra Kathas.

Today, as families become nuclear and increasingly scattered across countries, I want my kids to grow up understanding the importance of relations. And, I fervently hope that these times that we spend together during the holidays takes them a little bit closer to those cousins who form an important part of our lives as we grow.


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Like most mothers she knows, Ramya juggles between finding something that satisfies her inner self and doing something that satisfies her family! Mother of two children, a boy and a girl, her parenting philosophy is not so much to be a popular, cool parent as to bring them up with values that she holds dear. When not donning her 'amma' hat, she switches between being 'manager of Digital Learning at IIMB', 'payer of bills', 'cook', 'cleaner' and 'reader of PG Wodehouse and Georgette Heyer.'

2 thoughts on “Vacationing with cousins

  1. Ramya

    Summer holidays with cousins!

    Lovely memories of long sessions of play unsupervised by adults!

    Impromptu snack sessions of raw mangoes and gooseberries plucked off trees and eaten with chilli powder…

    Wish I had a time machine!


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