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Wellness as a way of life

We have to get our bodies moving every single day and do some exercise that suits our mood and the season. When done regularly, exercise grounds us, boosts the digestive system, and as a bonus, burns up any extra fat helping you stay slim. A brisk walk followed by Yoga will open and clear your energy channels, as well as your physical body. I cannot stress enough the good that Yoga will do to us- I have been a practitioner for over 10 years and attribute my physical and mental well being predominantly to Yoga. It is good to begin with a teacher who will take you through a structured sequence- some people also need a group class to be motivated to exercise. As you get into the routine, you may start doing it on your own. An ideal Yoga regimen would be everyday, but if you cannot do that, make it 3-4 times a week (an hour’s practice). Getting children to do Yoga is one of the best gifts you can give them for life, but it is easier said than done, isn’t it? Children will rebel when forced to do something: when they choose to do it on their own, it really has value. If you make your practice a public part of everyday life, kids can join in if they choose to. Also, as children are more flexible, they can do some Asanas(postures) much better than we can and this can motivate them to join in. I got my younger daughter Akshita to start doing Yoga with me when she turned 13 and although she is not as regular as I would like her to be, she does practice Yoga every now and then as she realises how good it is for her. That said, it is never too late to begin a wellness practice- I did not have the time or inclination to do all of this till I was in my thirties, but what I began then sporadically has now become an integral part of my routine and has contributed significantly to my health and well- being.

Finally, eating healthy is a key to well being. As a regular yoga practitioner, embracing a healthy approach to eating becomes easy. You are much more aware of your mind-body connection and will make healthy choices about food naturally. The ideal situation would be when you can eat organic and locally sourced plant based food and avoid processed ingredients, but that may not be possible all the time. You can begin with a fruit breakfast (which I have been following for more than 5 years), wherein you eat nothing but fruit and can then slowly make the rest of your meals plant-based as well. Avoid over-processed food. I occasionally indulge in less-than-healthy food, but the body can handle anything done in moderation. When I have a sugar craving, I reach for a banana before a bar of chocolate. It’s not that you’ll never touch a bar of chocolate or a slice of pizza again, but if you have a salad first, you get more filled up on the foods that are loaded with nutrition. For those interested in food options that work, you may get in touch with me for a detailed discussion.


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Renuka Vaidyanathan, an erstwhile finance professional, opted out of the corporate rat race and now likes to think that she wears many interesting hats. She is an events’ organiser in the cultural space and also writes every now and then about people, places and events. She is an avid advocate of 'green living' and dabbles in some sitar-playing as well, albeit as an amateur.

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