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Work-Life Balance

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Work life balance


This blog is dedicated to all our working Moms out there…

The maintenance of a work-life balance is usually a very delicate affair for most working women. If you are a working mom out there, you would probably agree with me that a great deal of dedication and prioritization is required in order to steer clear from the potential conflict that a mismanagement of this balance is likely to cause. However, every dark cloud has a silver lining; there are working moms who have successfully managed to attain this balance. Looking at their lifestyles, there are similarities in their approaches that we can learn from:

Accept Your Situation: This is the most profound attitude that you can ever have as a working mom. Accepting your situation as it is with the challenges that it brings.

Develop a Routine: While other people may find boredom in a routine, as a working mom it can bring good tidings your way. A routine creates responsibilities and obligations on all the parties involved. The children will know the specific things that you expect from them and this creates a healthy relationship. You can have morning, bedtime and weekly routines. Routines form the standard and basis for performance evaluation helping parents to create a good example for their children.

Learn How to Decline Requests: Whenever you feel that a particular request infringes on your family life, say No to it without fear of guilt or criticism. Saying Yes to external requests could as well mean No to your own family obligations. Remember that your family comes first and as such they need your exclusive attention. Your kids need to play with you, your husband needs a share of your time and family chores such as laundry need to be attended to. Saying Yes to every request could deny you all this. You can start by postponing your confirmations with statements like “can you give me some time to think over  it?”

Have the Humility to Accept Assistance: As a working mom, you should realize that you are not a Superwoman. We are all human and we need assistance from time to time. Be humble enough to accept a helping hand.

Delegation: Delegate! Delegate! Delegation is a discipline that you should practice always.  You can design a chart that shows the task allocation per family member. This will instill discipline and cooperation.


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